Eames Hack

Annual 3 Day Charette - October 2008 Eames Baby Seat

Eames Toilet Seat

Today, a group of University of the Arts ID students frolicked to a crit, where their Eames Hack project was the focus du jour–part of a a three day charette based on remake and DIY culture. The Eames Hack team, Jared Delorenzo, Tim Peet, Alexandra Temple Powell, Tom Reynolds, Alie Thomer, and Andrew McCandlish, presented two examples: a molded plywood dining-turned-high chair and the classic shell so cleverly transformed into a toilet-top throne. (Dudes better put the seat back, um, down…)

The Eames High Chair and Eames Toilet Seat “are about breaking the status surrounding high design objects. Through physically invasive alterations, these once iconic, elite, forms are liberated from their old, restrained image. The project is not a critique of the Eames, but rather a fulfillment of their original ideals.” This project is also published on Core77.

The "Shot Dropper"

The "Shot Dropper," is a small clip that a few students and myself designed for class last year. (Adam Rusiski, Wes Thomas, Carson Sio, and Ji Yeon). Looking at different Rituals/Routines, we came across drinking rituals, which led us to our final argument. The problem that we were solving is the need for two hands, when doing a Jager -Bomb or any kind of alcohol-bomb. (Yes, this was a school project.) In a nutshell, the "Shot Dropper," is a small clip that holds a shot glass to the inner rim of a pint glass by friction. With a light squeeze of the clip, the rubber compresses,releasing the shot glass into the drink below. Allowing you the ability to single handedly do a Jager-Bomb, while talking on the phone, hi-fivin' your boys or to most likely signal the bartender to bring you another.

Shot being released into drink