The "Shot Dropper"

The "Shot Dropper," is a small clip that a few students and myself designed for class last year. (Adam Rusiski, Wes Thomas, Carson Sio, and Ji Yeon). Looking at different Rituals/Routines, we came across drinking rituals, which led us to our final argument. The problem that we were solving is the need for two hands, when doing a Jager -Bomb or any kind of alcohol-bomb. (Yes, this was a school project.) In a nutshell, the "Shot Dropper," is a small clip that holds a shot glass to the inner rim of a pint glass by friction. With a light squeeze of the clip, the rubber compresses,releasing the shot glass into the drink below. Allowing you the ability to single handedly do a Jager-Bomb, while talking on the phone, hi-fivin' your boys or to most likely signal the bartender to bring you another.

Shot being released into drink